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Dino Morea discloses that Bigg Boss is offered to him every year, but he wants to host the show as Salman Khan

In India, the most famous and viewed reality TV program is Bigg Boss, and Salman Khan has been presenting the program for a long time. While famous people from many industries are approached to participate in the reality show, actor Dino Morea reveals that he has received an offer to be a part of the show many times. The actor, however, is more interested in the host’s position than the contestant’s.

Dino debuted in show business in 1999 with Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, but he achieved stardom after the release of Raaz in 2002. Since then, the actor has starred in numerous critically acclaimed Hindi films and ventured into the South and digital industries.

In a recent interview, Dino Morea disclosed that he had received repeated offers to participate in Bigg Boss over the last few years. The actor, however, added that he is too busy at work and does not have time for the show. Yet there are other reasons the actor is unwilling to participate in the show.

While speaking to the Times of India, Dino Morea added, “Bigg Boss is offered to me every year, and I don’t have the time to go. I have been busy shooting three movies simultaneously, and I didn’t have the dates.”

The actor further stated, “Secondly, I don’t know if I can be locked in a house for four months. Maybe if I was 20, I would do it. But now I am not at the stage of life where I want to lock myself.”

Dino admitted that he prefers to host the program than participate as a participant. He stated, “If you give me Salman Khan’s job, I will do it. I will be the showrunner of Bigg Boss. And I’d do a fantastic job also. Though Salman is outstanding, I love him.”

The actor concluded by saying that he does not want to see candidates fight on the show and that it is not for him.

Source: Times Of India

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