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Culinary experience at JULIUS over TAPAS AND SALAD BRUNCH

I came, I saw, I conquered

Much like the Roman Emperor, Julius is our quest to conquer the world through your tastebuds!

Adding the crown jewel to the World of Craft, we bring the heritage, passion and culture of Europe with an epicurean tribute to the legendary emperor, serving a contemporary menu amidst a convivial setting in the heart of Mumbai.

At Julius, we offer a modern take on the royal feasts of 49 BC – 44 BC and their much-feted and diverse culinary heritage. We bring alive the traditional cooking methods, ingredients and aromatic spices from his ruling regions.

Creme de la Creme attended today’s blogger / influencers table headed by none other than PRITHVISH ASHAR who has been in the industry for almost 2 decades. Other prominent names which graced the table were Chef Juliano , Tasneem Shaikh , Vinni Jain , Vibha Narshana and upcoming bloggers like Mridula Bhat , Kriti Kuttahil , Ritika Jasani , Avni Barai , Payal Lodha and Deeti S and Chef Jayesh Tiwari.

Julius is a name of heroic proportions and ancient prominence and hence we take diners on an exciting culinary journey through the fertile crescent of Piedmont, Emila – Romagna, Sicily, Greek, Regional France, South Germany, and Turkey where authentic spices add their magic to the cuisine. Taking inspiration from the region’s seasonally driven approach to cooking, our delicacies feature the finest ingredients fit for a king. Our esteemed culinary maestros also recreate age-old recipes handed down through generations but with our sophisticated and contemporary take to these historic dishes.

The elegant interiors invite you into our modern rendition of a regal dining hall. The robust bar cabinet showcases our treasured tipples and tastiest treats and welcomes you to a flavourful feast. Sapphire chesterfield sofas, hand painted chandeliers and gold framed mirrored accents add to the grandeur of the venue. The restaurant also boasts of a private room, perhaps where the emperor would have entertained his high profile guests. Sophisticated yet inclusive, our aim was to create a space where all our patrons could feel like royalty!

We raise a toast to the good life with our extensive beverage list that focuses on the best labels from North American, French, and Italian with a palate to suit every occasion.

Our menu is, rustic, robust and full of flavour offering classic dishes but with our unique finesse. You can expect an abundance of roasted vegetables, market salads, soups, plates of pasta, and assorted grilled meats and fish. Some of our specialties today Mushroom Pate ,Air Pillow with Tabbouleh ,Crossaint Noir Charmula Chicken , Smoked Salmon Mouse , Petit Cornet , Cheese Board , Julius Berry Salad and Chicken Ceaser salad. This was Paired with Wine and Tagine Each dish is a work of art, crafted by Chef SHASHWAT SHIWAM and his team using the finest ingredients and served with our signature flair!

Julius’s offerings are intended to delight, restore and evoke a sense of the modern European élan. Our mission is to be thoughtful with everything we do, but never pretentious.

Just like the erstwhile emperor’s enjoyed music sung from the soul and food crafted from the heart, Julius brings back the age when food was savoured slowly and meals were memories that lingered long after. In his famous words – experience is the teacher of all things!

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