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Arthdal Chronicles 2: Shin Se Kyung portrays Tanya in new pictures for the next drama

Shin Se Kyung will now be playing the role of High Priestess Tanya in Arthdal Chronicles 2, according to stills released by tvN on August 17. Tanya was portrayed by Kim Ji Won in season 1, but now Shin Se Kyung has stepped into the role, speculation has focused on how well the actress already matches the part. September 9 marks the release of the first episode. 

Shin Se Kyung convincingly portrayed Tanya in the photographs through her facial expressions and body language. She exudes dignity, is strong yet kind, and behaves just as a perfect leader should. One of the photographs even depicts her performing a ritual, but the purpose of it still needs to be discovered. She is dressed in simple yet luxurious priestess-style clothes. She is adored by her followers and hated by other leaders since the tribes support her. She always protects the weak and opposes influential people who take advantage of others.

The drama focuses on the lives of five significant Ago Tribes factions: the king; Eunseom, Tagon (Jang Dong Gun), and Saya (Lee Joon Gi), two opposed but same characters; Tanya, the high priestess; and Tae Alha (Kim Ok Vin), the clever politician seeking for the highest position.

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