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American-Chinese artist Allen Ling’s collaborates with Flipsyde’s Dave Lopez on trilogy of love, loss, and musical redemption

Allen Ling’s captivating musical trilogy culminates in a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the power of nostalgia with his finale video of Remember, which is climbing steadily on key Global Radio charts

In the realm of self-discovery, the narrative of singer-songwriter Allen Ling emerges as an illuminating source of motivation. This artist of American-Chinese descent, having traversed the unpredictable twists of life, is now making a triumphant entrance into the music scene, accompanied by the renowned American guitarist and producer, Dave Lopez. Together, they’ve collaborated on a trilogy of video singles that showcase Allen’s artistic evolution.
Allen’s journey into the world of music began at a tender age, with his California home serving as the canvas for the composition of a melodious life. At 14, he seamlessly intertwined his passion for comic books with music, using his guitar not just to play songs but also to sketch characters and craft stories. By the age of 20, his prolific talent had resulted in the creation of over 200 songs. However, life’s intricate tapestry led Allen down a different path, steering him towards a career in healthcare. Ironically, it was during a healthcare crisis that his dormant passion for music was rekindled.

Now, armed with a decade of refined skills and a deepened perspective, Allen is poised to unveil his artistic vision to the world. His musical influences, ranging from Duran Duran to The Cure, infuse his compositions with a nostalgic yet contemporary essence. The collaborative trilogy with Dave Lopez is particularly noteworthy as it seamlessly merges Allen’s distinctive sound with Dave’s edgy guitar prowess.

Watch Remember here:

This autobiographical trilogy transcends the conventional definition of a song collection, offering a cinematic odyssey. “Straight Into The Ocean” delves into the depths of heartbreak, accompanied by visuals as stirring as the concept of lost love. The award-winning video, featuring Aramis Knight (Red Dagger from Ms. Marvel), has earned accolades at international film festivals. “A Name In Your Book,” a prequel, explores the intricacies of love in greater detail. The concluding piece, “Remember,” serves as a lyrical reminiscence set against evocative landscapes. Allen reflects on the unique locations chosen for the music videos, stating, “We shot the music videos on location in my vineyards in Ukiah, California, on the beaches of Kauai, Hawaii, and along the coast of Mendocino, California. I wanted a cinematic look versus some of the newer videos with just people in a car garage dancing.”

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