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Actress Sameera Reddy Reveals The Dark Side Of Bollywood

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Bollywood actresses have gone through the “eye candy” period and had to go through a lot of backstage work to live up to that label. While the casting couch is still a factor, many divas have disclosed that they were told to get surgeries done to give them fuller chests and nicer buttocks. Sameera Reddy is the most recent addition to talk about her “s*xy Sam” phase. 

Recently, Sameera has used all her fears as a source of strength. To challenge “ideal beauty standards,” she is utilizing her position to normalize stretch marks, grey hair, and other flaws. The actress has earlier opened up about her postpartum experience, describing how she cut off all contact with people, went through serious breakdowns, and found it difficult to accept her appearance.

In 2002, opposite Sohail Khan, Sameera Reddy marked her Bollywood debut in Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. Due to her glamorous on-screen personas, she was once referred to as the “s*x symbol.” She often starved herself and survived off of “one” idli to get that look, even though all the glitz and glamour kept her out of sight.

In an interview with mid-day, Sameera Reddy disclosed, “I think there was a crazy phase about ten years ago where everybody was getting plastic surgery, boob job, change nose or bone structure. I always had to pad my chest and was told to get a boob job done. Many times, I would think, ‘Should I? Is this the norm?’ because it was so openly spoken about, and as an actor, I questioned if I had to do it. But I didn’t, and I am so grateful to God I didn’t because today I wouldn’t have been comfortable about it.”

Thus, Sameera Reddy has come a long way, and we are incredibly proud of her.

Source: Mid-Day

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