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A Rare And Brave Filmmaker, Spring Thunder Director Sriram Dalton

Filmmaker Sriram Dalton, a National Award winner, is one of the few in today’s cinema who has successfully combined social messaging with the beauty of nature, place, culture, and people without being a caricaturist.

Spring Thunder, Sriram’s debut motion picture, delves deeply into politics, corruption, and resource extraction and has received accolades from Ravish Kumar and director Anubhav Sinha for its urgent subject matter and compelling realism.

The film Spring Thunder made a lot of noise because it exposed the corrupt government and mining culture, destroying nature and endangering natural waterways and habitation.

The film faced a lot of trouble from politicians and the mafia, which led the filmmaker to release the film digitally rather than commercially. Talking about the film, Sriram said, “I make films to create awareness. There is an incredible achievement in revealing the truth via cinematic landscape. Illegal mining is an issue it needs to be addressed, and I did. I might have made some enemies on the way, people tried to derail my movie and even had its commercial release cancelled, but I’ve always stood by my principal, and I will remain to do so. The film is out, and it has reached millions of people.” 

Regarding his National Award-winning project Lost Bharupiya, Sriram said, “It is a beautiful film about traditional performing arts of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. But unfortunately, people practising art are living in horrifying poverty. I researched the subject and made a film I am proud of, and National Award is just a reassurance that I am doing something substantial.”  

Spring Thunder, a battle for Jal Jungal Jameen, features a powerful hymn quickly increasing in popularity. The movie continues Sriram’s “Jal Jungle Zamin Humara Hain” campaign to raise awareness about India’s vanishing rivers and promote the “Free India Water” movement. The filmmaker walked nonstop for 82 days straight from Mumbai to Jharkhand to raise awareness.

Regarding his future project, Sriram said, “I am working on something bigger. We’re just prepping right now. Once I have done my homework, I’d make the official announcement soon.” 

Other than OP Quit Smelling your Socks, Sriram Dalton has also directed The Lost Behrupiya and Spring Thunder.

Source: News Desk

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