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The Writers Have Always Kept The Chemistry Alive Between The Two, Says Actor Veer Rajwant Singh

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Known for brilliant performances in super hit movies like Jab We Met and Ascharyachakit, the versatile actor Veer Rajwant Singh. He has gained further popularity through this role in the modern family drama series ‘What the Folks’ by Dice Media. Portraying the character Nikhil, an ideal husband that every girl dreams of. Viewers are currently witnessing the twists and turns that his story has taken in the show’s finale season.

“What The Folks” received a huge fan-following over the last three seasons as every season unveiled the dramatic tale of the young married couple (Nikhil & Anita). As they manage their family lives, personal problems, work lives and other unexpected circumstances that came their way. The duo has managed to set some major #couplegoals for the viewers while they impart meaningful life lessons for the modern families of today.

Reminiscing about his role as Nikhil on the show, actor Veer Rajwant Singh says, “Right from season 1 to now, playing Nikhil in ‘What The Folks’ has been such an overwhelming experience for me. Eisha has become one of my closest friends, which helped us to portray a relationship based on friendship and respect. Moreover, it’s just remarkable how all the show writers made sure that they not only kept the chemistry alive between Nikhil and Anita but also perfectly relate the evolution of their relationship as each season passes by.

He further said, “They have captured the essence of a modern husband right from the time Nikhil first moves in with his in-laws to him preparing himself to be the doting father to his future child. I can honestly say that What the Folks has a special place in my heart as it has in the hearts of all our viewers, and we hope Season 4 bids the perfect adieu to this beautiful show.”

The finale season will have Nikhil choosing to be a supportive partner to Anita as they plan to welcome a baby into their lives. From being a casting director to a full-time actor, Veer is now making millions smile with his outstanding performance in the show. He has definitely made his mark in the world of entertainment and there is no more waiting, as fans will see the best of him in the last season of What the Folks that was launched on 22nd January, 2022.

Catch all the adorable moments  between the endearing on-screen couple ‘Nikhil and Anita’ in all-new episodes of What The Folks in Season 4 on Dice Media’s Youtube channel.

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