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Future of Indian Cinema with the rise of OTT platforms

by simran jain
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The pandemic has changed the whole concept of normal. It has forced us to make many adjustments, some of which are temporary, and some are here to stay forever. One of the industries that have been affected for a longer run is Cinema and theatres. The period from April 2020 till now has not been uneventful for Cinema. With theatres closed, OTT platforms have become the port of call for many film producers. With the boom of the OTT and pandemic-induced lockdowns and restrictions in place, the way audience consumes entertainment has drastically changed.

But after OTT rose, one thing is for sure people have started getting a wide variety of options on one platform. Moreover, the best part about OTT is that it is suited to get to see it in any corner of the world at any time. Also, the biggest benefit one has received a genuine artist. Actors who got lost in the big screen milieu are given the opportunity on the OTT platform as it demands quality acting, not superstars.

The most important thing or the core value of such a platform is content which is a win-win for the audience. Not to forget that people can choose to watch whatever they want, whenever they want. A few years ago, we were restrained to the same type of soap operas and the same type of films, and very rarely did we get to see something that blew our minds. With OTT coming in, the Indian film industry, for one, has witnessed a boom in content and talent all over the country.OTT platform is one can stay true to the spirit of multiple languages and cultures without holding back. Moreover, the demand for high-quality content will keep increasing with ever-increasing knowledge.

No wonder cinemas were an excellent opportunity to go out and get the feel of watching the movie in a theatre, but when it comes and content and diversity, OTT platforms are taking over the theatres.

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