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Bigg Boss Marathi Contestant Shivlila Patil Apologises To Warkari Community.

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Bigg Boss Marathi season 3, contestant Shivlila Patil has now apologized to the ‘Warkari community’ for her decision to participate in the reality show. She left the house on September 29 for medical treatment but later decided to leave the show. Warkari community is a Hindu religious group, belongs to Maharashtra. Recently, Shivlila has said that her decision to participate in the Bigg Boss show had hurt the followers of the Warkari community. She apologized for it and, in the future, not to take such a decision without consulting the elders.

After participating in Bigg Boss Marathi 3, Shivlila was trolled by viewers on social media. Some fans said that she had taken the wrong decision to join the reality show. They said that she went for money and publicity.

While speaking with ABP Majha, Shivleela said, “I apologize to the Warkari community for my decision to go for ‘Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3’. But the path I chose to convey my thoughts was wrong, and my intention was sincere. I entered the house to enlighten the culture of Maharashtra, the Warkari community, and kirtan tradition.”

She further added, “There were allegations that I went for publicity and money. I do not need publicity. I went there to talk more about kirtan traditions. In the future, I would not go ahead without consulting the elders of the Warkari Community.”

Shivlila Patil is a Maharashtra-based kirtankar who performs kirtan with her father, Balasaheb Patil, in rural and urban parts of Maharashtra. She started performing kirtans at the age of five years. Shivlila is well-known for singing kirtans on saint literature, Marathi culture, and trending issues.

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