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“I fall in love with…” Ranbir Kapoor Finally Spills The Beans On His Acting Process

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Mumbai, 28th June, 2022 -When it comes to setting the silver screen on fire, there are very few actors in B-town that come close to Ranbir Kapoor. The superstar is a perfect mix of old-school cinematic charm and immaculate acting chops.

Inside sources from the industry have always claimed that Ranbir completely submits himself to a filmmaker. Is this just a rumour, or is Ranbir truly a director’s actor? The Kapoor scion finally spilled the beans on Awez Darbar’s YouTube channel.

The internet’s most loved dancing sensation, Awez Darbar, flew along with Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor for the Shamshera trailer launch. Jetting from one city to another to unveil the first glimpse of Shamshera, Awez got on to a mid-air tete-a-tete with Ranbir during the journey.

Asking him about his process, Awez elaborated on how one of Ranbir’s own Instagram fan pages wanted to know about his rapport with his directors.

Talking about the same, Ranbir said, “I think my process from the very beginning, apart from the script, is that I fall in love with the director, and the director has to fall in love with me. That has really helped me in flourishing and doing better at my job. I also do lesser work; I’ve worked with people when I’ve gelled with a human being”.

Well, it looks like Ranbir really opened up to Awez during their in-flight conversation. Head on to Awez’s official YouTube channel to catch more glimpses of this interesting chat. 

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