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Tony Mercury Conquers Spotify With His Single ” Al Fondo Del Mar ”

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The singer Tony Mercury achieves a transcendental success, with his song Al Fondo Del Mar he has managed to achieve more than 100,000 reproductions on the Spotify platform. The song of the artist Tony Mercury has been positioned in countries such as Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil and the United States.

Tony Mercury single has passed more than 100,000 views through Spotify, the largest music platform today. Tony Mercury is one of the most impressive new wave artists of the moment, his music has been very successful on digital platforms and radio stations in Europe.

Al Fondo Del Mar is a song that is characterized by its depth and melody, moving to a ship full of memories, nostalgia, and history, the musical work of this production has placed Tony as an artist of great projection, this song is in Spanish, English, and German.

Without a doubt, Tony Mercury does not stop reaping successes. It is rumored within the industry that Tony Mercury is working great collaborations with European artists. His consolidation within the industry has gained strength thanks to the support of his audience.

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