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The Paradigm Shift In Indian Cinema.

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Indian culture has a special connect with Indian Cinema. Cinema is one of the mediums through which our Indian culture is portrayed. Cinema has occupied chunk space in our hearts and lives. Indian Cinema is one of the oldest and largest cinemas. It produces maximum movies than any other country, which is nearly 1000 movies every year. The first feature film was Raja Harishchandra, a silent film inspired by the Indian epic of Mahabharata. It was directed and produced by Dadasaheb Phalke, who is known as the father of Indian Cinema. There’s no stop since then.

Due to the initial stages and less study and experience, there were many flaws in movies made. But with growing time, study, and technology, Indian Cinema has made iconic movies that are appreciated worldwide. It has made a paradigm shift from producing only commercial films to sensible and relatable films. Nowadays, writers and directors understand the taste of people and create movies accordingly. Movies now depict real-life problems and are well directed, edited, and cinematographed. A lot of talented directors are leaving an impact on the audience selection by their excellent movies. Some of the aspects that have made a paradigm shift are:

1- Edutainment films:

Edutainment films have taken Cinema to a whole new level. It is an emerging trend and quite a hit. Such films offer both education and entertainment. These movies also give social messages to the audience. Some examples of such movies are Three idiots, Aakarshan, Peepli Live, Page 3, etc. 

2- Technology

Technology plays a massive role in making the movie a hit. Hollywood movies are famous for their techniques in films like Transformers, Guardians of the galaxy, Avengers, etc. Indian directors have now started looking for advanced technologies in their Cinema to catch a global audience. They are not just focusing on the shooting equipment and techniques but pay a lot of attention to films post-production. Graphics, photography, and other skills used are mind-boggling these days. Examples of such movies are Robot, Ra-One, Krrish, etc.

3- Acting

Acting plays a crucial role in convincing the audience. It has to be natural and effective, only then people will connect, and movies will be hit. Nowadays, actors have become so serious and study in-depth about the role, especially when it comes to the biopic. Indian Cinema has produced great and legendary actors, remembered for their classy performances. 

4- Reality and bold move

Movies have shifted their core focus to script and accepted that they need to develop some courage and bring out the facts in public or make something unusual for the audience to like it. Especially when it comes to bold scenes or some biopics on politicians, hence, knowing what the audience likes, many directors in India are taking courage to create such movies which are highly appreciated worldwide.

5- Changing trend of music

Bollywood movies are primarily known for the catchy music in the form of song-and-dance numbers woven into the script. A film’s success often depends on the quality of such musical numbers. Hence, the movie’s makers released music and songs way before the film to attract the audience’s attention. Bollywood music is, was, and will be ever-changing because it can never be set within a particular boundary or limited in its creativity.

6- Script

A movie cannot do well even if you include all the above points. A film will only be iconic if it has a great script. Writers these days are doing a great job and thinking beyond imagination. Earlier, there used to be an antagonist and a protagonist where the hero used to win with some actions. Next-Gen Movies are with strong, bold, and relatable topics, which nowadays writers are choosing. Hence, a film is nothing without a script. 

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